Batero is investing in environmental and social programs to help build positive relationships with local communities and ensure the sustainability of the company's long-term objectives.

Colombia's Quinchia district is a mining friendly and socially stable area; the majority of local citizens are educated, and work primarily in commerce, agriculture and mining. If you combine the area's social stability and education with Batero's continuing sustainability planning efforts as well as the ten years of community building undertaken by the project's predecessors, the result is usually strong support not only for the project but for mineral exploration and mining in general.

Batero demonstrates deep respect for local communities and works continuously. Click here to view Report to foster strong partnerships, enduring friendships, healthy co-operation and co-existence.

Led by Batero social and environmental committees active in the region, we're delivering strategies that build strong communications with indigenous communities. We're pleased to see these activities continue to yield positive results.

For example, Batero's social and environmental management group is building positive relationships through community presentations, forums and educational workshops that promote awareness, transparency and healthy dialogue. In addition, Batero meets regularly with local community leaders and other representatives to better understand and help manage the expectations of communities and families in the region, and to help ensure local communities are engaged participants in the project.

Hosted community meetings help ensure residents are informed and involved

Environmental Responsibility

Batero promotes the development and implementation of effective systems to encourage employee commitment and accountability, and minimize risk to health, safety and the environment.

Batero is committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner throughout the project life cycle. Beyond complying with local regulations Batero strives to exceed Colombian environmental laws.

Further, the company has gathered information to establish and document the area's ecological baseline as well as the project's environmental impacts and potential risks related to its operations. Through constant consideration and measurement of variables during the exploration process Batero continues to evaluate its impacts on air, water and soil. By taking such proactive measures Batero aims to minimize the impact of operations and, wherever possible, undertake efforts to protect the natural environment.

Environmental education workshop at La Cumbre School: A Training course for Drilling Assistant Personnel.

Appreciation Night for Batero Gold Corp in the Town of Quinchia, Risaralda, Colombia.